Please note: all our vouchers are valid for at least 2 years (from the moment they have been issued). Your voucher will be extended automatically, you don't have to contact us. 

What can I use my voucher for?

You can use your voucher for new flights on our website. Additional products and/or services, such as checked bags or seats, can also be bought using the voucher.

What if the amount to be paid is lower than the value of my voucher?

No worries. Your voucher will stay valid for the remaining value. Redeem the remaining value on an extra booking before the voucher expires.

What if the amount to be paid is higher than the value of my voucher?

The remaining amount can be paid after redeeming your voucher. Please use your regular payment method.

The value of the voucher is lower than the value of my previous booking. Why?

Now that the cancellation has been fully processed by the airline, you receive a voucher with the value of the cancelled flight(s). This amount is determined by the airline.

If you have booked seat reservation and/or checked bags:

Normally, many airlines will not offer any restitution on canceled seats or checked bags. However, due to the exceptional situation, we still have applied for a cancellation/restitution of these services. We are closely monitoring the application and will inform you as soon as we have any updates. Please note: this will take another few months and we do not know the outcome of the application. Therefore, there is no use in contacting us about this matter in the meantime. We understand you expect a faster reply on this matter, but there is nothing we can do to speed things up. Our sincerest apologies.

If you have booked any other additions services/products:

Any other services/products (such as insurances and ticket guarantees) cannot be refunded as a voucher.